Food Tasting Policy

Please review Americaters' Food Tasting Policy

The food tasting is the first step to a successful event. 

When you taste, you slow down, pay attention, and savor the food in a structured fashion, evaluating the appearance, aroma, flavor, texture, and finish dish. 

Then you ask yourself: Did we enjoy this dish? Would we wants to offer this dish to our guest?

If the answer is yes, well congratulations!!! We have a menu for your big day!!!

Chef Victor will personally conduct your tasting food in the relaxed comfort of your house, at the time and date that better fit your schedule.

How long it takes? Most of the time a food tasting take around one hour. We’ll bring all the necessary to make this experience enjoyable.

The food tasting is offered for the couple. However, if you want to invite someone else to help you to decide your menu, will be welcomed.

Just take a moment to review our packages and menu, give us a call or email us with your selections, date and time to schedule your tasting food.

Food Tasting is an important part of your event or reception wedding planning process as a customer you want to test the food that you are having at your event to be sure it is exactly what you are looking for about flavor, freshness, and appearance.

Keep in mind,

The food tasting is your opportunity to give us your honest feedback on specific dishes (too salty, not enough sauce, etc.) so we can adjust the dish to your specifications. It is also your opportunity to decide serve or not to serve something what you are not quite sure your guest may enjoy.

Keep in mind that as a catering company we suggest you to have a previous interview with us before to schedule your tasting, in that way we’ll know your tastes and needs and we can better recommend you a selection that really fit into your expectations.

We do not offer tasting of Appetizers or Hors D’oeuvres. Each tasting will follow the selection listed in our package menus only. If you would like to taste an item outside of your package, there will be an additional charge.

* We do not offer tasting for Cocktail Affair Package,  Curbside Package or Elopement Wedding Package.

You need to scheduled an appointment for your tasting at least with one week in advance. Tastings are available Monday through Thursday. We do not schedule tastings on the weekends.

AmeriCaters does not offer group tasting, our tastings are for the couple and you will share one full portion meal. If you plan on coming with a party larger than two, please let us know in advance.

We do charge for tasting. Price is $100.00. to $150.00 depending on your selection. Please note that tasting must be paid in cash or PayPal in advance. 

We do not accept credit cards for tasting fees.

A common question we get is, “Do we have to sign a contract BEFORE the tasting?” AmeriCaters will allow you to test out your food choices before you sign a contract, but as mentioned, it has a cost. However, our tasting is complimentary once you book and sign your date with us.

Please remember that it is not required to sign the contract before the tasting; however we do require payment up front for the cost of the tasting, which will be applied to your deposit if you choose to book and sign with us.