Terms & Conditions




1.- To reserve and hold the date and time, a minimum deposit of 20% is required. We accept credit card (Visa or MasterCard) only as a deposit. Balance or payments in advance must be paid by check, money order or cash. We do not accept American Express.

2.- The balance should be paid 15 days prior the event. The balance paid after 15 days before the event must be paid strictly in cash.

3.- Our services are for ______ hours, an exact charge is required for extra time, it has to be paid in advance, in cash. Extra hour is $40.00 per waiter or bartender per hour or partial time. Plus $__________ for bar supplies.The extra time shall be included the complete wait staff. No extra time will be allowed if it is not paid in advance.

4.- All equipment used in the event must be picked up or collected on the same day at soon is finished the contracted time. If it is necessary to return the next day to pick up the equipment, there is an additional cost of $500.00 (Five hundred) which includes transportation and extra staff.

5.- The customer assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance and for any damages done to any kind of equipment.

6.- Americaters Corporation is not responsible for any claim, personal injury, death or property damage caused or contributed to by the negligence of customer or any guest, invite, or any independent contractor.

7.- We will not accept claims after 12 hours from the event. If you have any comment or question, please contact us immediately to find a solution or receive an explanation.

8.- The customer shall provide at their own expense, one off duty uniformed police person per 100 guests, when it is required by the venue.

9.- The deposit, payments in advance or balance are not refundable, for any reason or under any circumstance.

Any payment remains as credit; the credit will be honored for one year (1)), from this day ____/ ____/______ and shall be used in a similar, equal, parallel kind of event. Price will be actualized for the new date.

10.- Americaters Corporation has permission to take pictures or videos to be used for advertising purposes.

11.- If the venue or location that you choose for your party or reception requires an additional insurance, this charge or any extra fee should be paid by the customer’s expenses and will be added to your balance. Liquor Liability must be purchased and managed by the customer if it is requested by your venue.

12.- Americaters Corporation will not provide any service the day of the event if the balance is not paid in full.

13.- Pending the type of event you are planning, the final guest count is required 15 days prior the event. This will be the minimum number charges for on the day of the event. The final count must include vendors and  assistants, Ex. DJ’s, Photographers, Videographers, Coordinators etc. They will pay 50% of the price per person and they will dine aside from your guests. Otherwise if you do not need this service, please let us know in advance.

14.- No merchandise or equipment to be moved from place of delivery without permission of Americaters Corporation.

15.- Any disagreement will be resolved by the American Arbitration Association.

16.- Each service given by Americaters Corporation is independent and in case of a disagreement must be solved independently from the other services and only for the independent cost of that particular service.

17.- In case of bad weather: hurricane, tropical depression or any change in the nature that requires to postpone the date of your event, after the balance is paid in full, to take a new date, a 30% of the original total price should be added to schedule a new date.

18.- Cancellation Condition: Cancellation or termination of this agreement will result in prejudice for Americaters Corporation. The customer understands and agrees to pay to Americaters Corporation the full balance of this agreement plus attorney’s fees and costs of litigation (if any) if there is a cancellation without notification. Customer agrees to notify Americaters Corporation providing a writing “Proof of the cancellation of the event, party, or reception”. No modification, change or alteration of any terms of this agreement shall be valid unless writing and signed by our company and customer.

19.- Sales tax of 7% will be additional. 21% of Service Charges will be added per attendee to the final total price. Gratuity is at the customer discretion.

20.- Americaters Corporation only provide the soft bar service and the bartending service. The liquor must be provided by the customer.

21.- Matches, fireworks, cigars, and candles (without protection) will not be permitted. Unless the customer gives a linen deposit of $150.00 per table. Refundable at the end of your event, if no damages were made.

22.- Leftovers will be discarded immediately after the event due to Health Food Code Regulations. Leftovers will not be permitted to leave the event.

23.- Tasting Food Policy: AmeriCaters do tasting food (Except for The Cocktail Affair, The Curbside Style Package, or Elopement/Micro Wedding Reception) It costs $100.00 to $150.00 depending on your food selection. However, whether you decide to sign a contract, the cost of the tasting is included in your deposit.

24.- Americaters  Corporation will not given credit for items that are not used in the chosen package. The description of each package is well detailed. Any changes to the package chosen will  incur in the price established for each attendee.

25.- There is no money refund for “no show” attendee. The total number of seats contracted is final. After final payment is executed, it is not possible to reduce the number of seats already contracted and agreed upon.

I agree to all terms in this contract.

Deposit Amount US$: _________________ ___________        Date of the event_______________________________________

Customer Name______________________________________  Customer Signature_______________________                           

Signed on (MM/DD/YY) ________/_____ / _______